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We have door installer ratings for these seven metro areas.

The Keys to Hiring a Good Locksmith

Need to upgrade or add locks? You’ll need a good locksmith. Here is how to get excellent advice and solid workmanship at a reasonable price.

Picking the Right Locks for Your Home

Taking basic steps to secure the perimeter of your home will be more effective at preventing intrusion than installing a burglar alarm and cameras. Start by making sure all your home’s exterior doors have good locks—and remain diligent about using them.

How to Choose a Window Installer

We receive a disturbing number of complaints from consumers regarding window installation work, often about companies that advertise heavily. Many complaints are about sloppy work.

How to Choose New Windows

There are many features to consider when selecting windows and the company that installs them. You’ll have to decide among various types of windows and construction materials.

Window Replacement Techniques

If you are replacing old windows, you need to choose one of three basic types of installation: Sash pack; frame and sash, and full window.