District Contacts


District Org Chart 2016

District Executive Liz Jumper 631-924-7000 ext. 131  Liz.jumper@scouting.org
District Chairman MIchael Shef (516) 971-1660 michael.shef@smualumni.smu.edu
District Commissioner George Smith 631-987-8429 george.j.s.smith@gmail.com
Advancement Chair David Hunt 631-754-2767 dhunt@EagleCoach.org
Membership Chair Rich Wisnewski 613-368-0048 rwisnewski@firstam.com
Program and Activities Chair Tammy Campagnola-Levinsky 516-983-0209 tammyrcl@gmail.com
Camping Chair Kurt Rosenhagen   kurtscout@houseroses.com 
Training Chair Paul Schmick 631-364-1791 matfox@optonline.net
Friends of Scouting John Zeoli   writejaz@yahoo.com

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