District Awards and Recognition

2017 District Award of Merit Winners 

Keith Josephson

Eve Kossman,

Deb Trifon.


All time District Award of Merit Recipients

2015 Good Deed Award Recipient


James T. Powers, AIA

Director of Operations and Business Development – Bohler Engineering

About James T. Powers

Past Good Deed Award Winners

2015 District Pinewood Derby Results

2014 District Pinewood Derby Results

2013 District Pinewood Derby Results

Roundtable News


Roundtable meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at

John Glenn High School at 7:30 pm

478 Elwood Road, Elwood, NY 11731

The Next Roundtable will be December 8

106 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes ago

Roundtable is a great way to learn and meet other leaders and share experiences.  Do you have questions?   Would you like to hear about a particular topic?  Let us know! We are here to support you!
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a question or a suggestion for a topic ?  Enter  it

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Roundtable contacts:

Assistant District  Commissioner for Roundtable Edie Pulizzotto matinecockrt@gmail.com
(631) 793-1142
Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Cub Scouts) Frank Pulizzotto  
Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Cub Scouts) Rita O’Malley-Murphy ritatlc@juno.com
(631) 549-9668
 Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Cub Scouts) Michael Shef michael.shef@smualumni.smu.edu
(516) 971-1660
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Stuart Weinberg sbetberg@gmail.com
(631) 403-0788
 Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Boy Scouts) George Smith george.j.s.smith@gmail.com
(631) 987-8429
 Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Boy Scouts) Scott Bromberg scottemc2@verizon.net
 Assistant Roundtable Commissioner (Boy Scouts) – Youth Debra Trifon dtrifon@optonline.net

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Resources and Links

2016 District Unit Map

District Training Resources

BSA Sites

Suffolk County Council http://www.sccbsa.org
National Council http://www.scouting.org
Program updates for 2015 http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/programupdates.aspx
cyber Chip  http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection/CyberChip.aspx

OA Sites

Nissequogue Chapter http://nissequogue.webs.com/
Shinnecock 360 Lodge http://www.shinnecock360.org/

Information Sites

Matinecock District Yahoo Egroup:
Long Island Scouting Information:
(Stuart’s Site)
M & M Resources (guidelines, roles, forms to use basecamp, etc.) https://www.sccbsa.org/Marketing-Resoures

Religious Awards/Activities

National Jewish Committee on Scouting www.jewishscouting.org
Catholic Committee on Scouting for the Diocese of Rockville Centre www.ccos-drvc.org
National Catholic Committee on Scouting: www.nccs-bsa.org


Suffolk County Council Cub Scout Camping Policy
Webelos to Scout Transition Handbook
Webelos Woods Troop Evaluation Form
Unit Participation Sign  For use at District events like Webelos Woods.


Advancement Flexibility 
Guide to Working with Scouts with Special Needs and Disabilities
Scouting for Youth with Disabilities Manual (replace by above document )
Including Scouts with Disabilities powerpoint” Presenters Notes
Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility, No. 512-935 http://www.scouting.org/filestore/doc/512-935.doc
Individual Scout Advancement Plan, No. 512-936 (unofficial) www.scouting.org/filestore/doc/512-936.doc
For more information / Questions contact Brian Morse  BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 631-987-0188
Lauren Vlachos lvlachos@bsamail.org
631-924-7000, ext. 137


District Events and Training

Download as pdf: Matinecock 2015-2016 Events

Calendar  View


District Activities Training O A Summer MB Program Scout Sunday/Sabbath Fund Raising


District Activities
 Good Deed @ Northport Yacht Club.  10/27    
 Webelos Woods @ Cathedral Pines  10/21-10/23/16 Pack Registration 2016 

Troop Registration 2016 

Register Online Here
Polar Bear @BH 1/6-8/17  Registration Packet  
District Committee Elections 1/19/17 Bethany Presbyterian Church
Pinewood Derby 4/8/17    
Spring Camporee @Southaven 4/21-24/172017  Registration Packet  
Cub Fun Day 6/4  Register to host an event   
District Recognition Dinner 5/25/17 On-Line Registration

Registration Form

District Award of Merit Nomination Form 2017

Spark Plug Award nomination form

OA Activities
OA Induction 9/23-25/16
OA Induction 5/19-21/17
Conclave@Schiff 6/9-11/17
OA Induction 6/16-18/17
Training District Training Resources
NYLT 8/20-8/24/16 NYLT Summer 2016 Flyer  
Eagle Coach Training 9/14 Flyer Register Here
Woodbadge 9/16-18/16   Register Here
Tiger/Den Leader/Webelos 10/5/16  Registration Flyer Register Here
Woodbadge 10/8-10/16    
Life To Eagle Talk 10/13 Flyer Register Here
Baloo Training 10/15 Flyer Register Here
CM/Pack Com/Pack Trainer 10/19/16 Registration Flyer Register Here
Advancement Coordinator Training  10/27 Canceled  
SM/ASM I 11/2/16   Register Here
Den Chief 11/5/16 Registration Flyer Register Here
SM/ASM II 11/16/16    
Den Leader/Webelos Leader TBD    
SM/ASM I, II 4/8/17  Registration form  
IOLS/OWLS 5/20-14/21 IOLS Form  


Merit Badge Program
 July Session 2016  7/7, 7/14/16  
 August Session 2016  8/4, 8/11/16  
 July Session 2017  7/6, 7/13/17  
 August Session 2017  8/3, 8/10/17  
Scout Sunday/Sabbath   Flyer Updated Feb 2nd 2016
Fund Raising (council sponsored) 2016 Popcorn Dates
 Popcorn Kickoff Events Tuesday, 8/ 30/ 16 (Melville Fire Department) 7:00 PM
Wednesday, 8/ 31/16 (Ridge Fire Department) 7:00 PM
 Show N Sell Orders Due  9/12/16
 Show N Sell Distribution  9/23/16 & 9/24/16
 Show N Sell Product Return  10/30/16, 1:00 to 3:00 at Service Center
 Take Order & Prizes Due  11/7/16
 Take Order Distribution  11/18/16 & 11/19/16
 Popcorn Payment Due  12/2/16
 Matinecock Popcorn Kernel – Amy Colavita: 631-223-3443 acarter00@aol.com

Council Popcorn Kernel – Lauren Vlachos @ 631-924-7000 Ext 137 lVlachos@bsamail.org

District Contacts


District Org Chart 2016

District Executive Liz Jumper 631-924-7000 ext. 131  Liz.jumper@scouting.org
District Chairman MIchael Shef (516) 971-1660 michael.shef@smualumni.smu.edu
District Commissioner George Smith 631-987-8429 george.j.s.smith@gmail.com
Advancement Chair David Hunt 631-754-2767 dhunt@EagleCoach.org
Membership Chair Rich Wisnewski 613-368-0048 rwisnewski@firstam.com
Program and Activities Chair Tammy Campagnola-Levinsky 516-983-0209 tammyrcl@gmail.com
Camping Chair Kurt Rosenhagen   kurtscout@houseroses.com 
Training Chair Paul Schmick 631-364-1791 matfox@optonline.net
Friends of Scouting John Zeoli   writejaz@yahoo.com

Mission Statement


The Boy Scout of America – A Tradition of Values Based Leadership

In today’s expanding world, developing into adulthood means more than just growing up; it means learning to make decisions. Decision about drugs, crime, gangs, peer pressure, and more. Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has provided strong values-base programs that strengthen character, develop good citizenship, and enhance both mental and physical fitness in youth – traits that prepare young people to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow.

How Scouting Builds Character

Scouting develops strong values in each boy. Scouting honors the home, school, and church or synagogue as the origins of our youth’s values. Scouting’s goal is to nurture and extend these values by emphasizing the Scout Oath and Law.

Camping out and hiking through the woods teaches boys basic self-assurance, teamwork, and leadership-life skills in this computer age, but such hands-on experience helps boys realize their own potential for developing and mastering new skills. While every skill Scouting teaches is important, the self-confidence, fun, and sense of accomplishment boys get from skill-building activities are even more important.

Scouting teaches first aid, swimming, wilderness survival, sailing, camping and many other skills. Scouting activities teach the boy teamwork, self-reliance, and the confidence to handle challenges that cross his path. Scouting builds young men who are competent to handle the tough questions. That’s a definition of character.

Character-building is a basic goal of Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing and a chief purpose of Scouting programs such as Ethics in Action.

In Scouting, for today and tomorrow, character counts!

cub scouts

Cub Scouting activities involve the parents, adult leaders, and friends of Cub Scouts in home-centered programs that teach life skill, habits, values, and attitudes consistent with the interest of their chartered organizations. Millions of boys and their families participate in Cub scouting, the largest of the three Boy Scouts of America membership divisions. Cub Scout activities encourage character development, physical coordination, family unity, and enthusiasm for learning.

boy scouts

Boy Scouting encourages boys to develop physical, mental, and emotional fitness and to adopt and live by meaningful personal standards as a cornerstone for success in life.  These values include the basic principles in the Scout Oath and Law.  Activities include fitness and leadership training, wilderness adventures and merit badge incentive for boys mastering hobby and career skills.


Venturing is an effective coed young-adult program designed to improve character, citizenship, and fitness. Venturers exercise leadership, citizenship, fitness, social, outdoor and community service endeavors. Venturing provides a variety of challenging activities to teach young people the real-world meaning of values, ethical decision making, and life skills. Venturing teaches leadership and problem-solving skills to help youths mature into confident, successful adults. Venturing crews organize around a special vocation or interest of the youth members. The specialty cluster include outdoors, sports, arts and hobbies, youth ministry, and Sea Scouting.cornerstone for success in life.

Commissioners Corner

Position Name E-Mail Phone
District Commissioner George Smith george.j.s.smith@gmail.com 987-8429
Assistant District Commissioners Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 549-2012
  Jeff Duncan jeffrey@optonline.net 757-1899
  Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
  Nick Russotto nrussotto@optonline.net 423-2385
  Marc Sherman marc53@aol.com 724-8038
  Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Unit Commissioners Christian Boccone christianboccone@gmail.com 421-2702
  Dan Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
  Donna Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
  Gary Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
  George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
  Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
  Paul Merget FRIPPL8@aol.com 724-1789
  Brian Morse BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 979-4658
  Rich Rynkowski rrynkowski@yahoo.com 470-0808
  Rob Zeblisky zebpel@optonline.net 368-5223
Unit Unit Commissioner E-Mail Phone
Crew 872 Marc Sherman marc53@aol.com 724-8038
Crew 2011 Marc Sherman marc53@aol.com 724-8038
Pack 5 George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
Pack 22 Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Pack 42 Brian Morse BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 979-4658
Pack 52 Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 549-2012
Pack 66 Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 470-0808
Pack 75 Marc Sherman marc53@aol.com 724-8038
Pack 125 Donna Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
Pack 178 Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 549-2012
Pack 181 Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 549-2012
Pack 225 George Smith george.j.s.smith@gmail.com 987-8429
Pack 232 George Smith george.j.s.smith@gmail.com 987-8429
Pack 238 George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
Pack 310 Rich Rynkowski rrynkowski@yahoo.com 470-0808
Pack 312 Rob Zeblisky zebpel@optonline.net 368-5223
Pack 328 Paul Merget FRIPPL8@aol.com 724-1889
Pack 329 George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
Pack 379 Dan Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-74392
Pack 400 Brian Morse BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 979-4658
Pack 403 Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Pack 406 Nick Russotto nrussotto@optonline.net 423-2385
Pack 457 Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Pack 471 Brian Morse BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 979-4658
Pack 539 Christian Boccone christianboccone@gmail.com 421-2702
Pack 589 Gary Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Pack 708 Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Pack 877 Paul Merget FRIPPL8@aol.com 724-1789
Ship 460 Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Troop 3 Brian Morse BrianMorseSCCBSA@Yahoo.com 979-4658
Troop 5 George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
Troop 8 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 12 Rich Rynkowski rrynkowski@yahoo.com 470-0808
Troop 32 Jeff Duncan jeffrey@optonline.net 757-1899
Troop 34 Rich Rynkowski rrynkowski@yahoo.com 470-0808
Troop 41 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 52 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 75 Marc Sherman marc53@aol.com 724-8038
Troop 78 Scott Dammers scott7748@msn.com 549-2012
Troop 106 Gary Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Troop 113 George Smith george.j.s.smith@gmail.com 987-8429
Troop 125 Dan Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
Troop 174 Donna Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
Troop 200 Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Troop 218 Donna Digiovanni dddig2@aol.com 265-7439
Troop 309 Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551
Troop 322 George Funk funkyg61@gmail.com 643-6368
Troop 343 Paul Merget FRIPPL8@aol.com 724-1789
Troop 360 Nick Russotto nrussotto@optonline.net 423-2385
Troop 403 Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Troop 406 Jeff Duncan jeffrey@optonline.net 757-1899
Troop 409 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 410 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 474 Herb McGrail bsaherb@juno.com 261-2086
Troop 539 Christian Boccone christianboccone@gmail.com 421-2702
Troop 708 Tom Rolston trolston72@gmail.com 368-7022
Troop 3333 Helen Fricke hfricke722@aol.com 586-5551